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Independent Fundraising Groups Influencing US Voters

 More coverage of the rally we organized yesterday along with the Coffee Party and Common Cause:

Voice of America

Jim Malone

February 24, 2012

Rally at Supreme Court Supports Montana Ruling on Campaign Finance

Citizens_united_demo#2D32DDThe Blog of Legal Times

Tony Mauro

February 23, 2012

Citizens Should Unite Against Citizens United

The Philly Post

Brian Howard


Five Questions for Jeff Clements

The Orion Blog

by Scott Gast

February 21, 2012

Not in Montana

The American Prospect

Garrett Epps

February 21, 2012

The state's challenge to Citizens United might make the Supreme Court rethink—but not overturn—the ruling.

US Supreme Court Blocks Montana Law Based on Citizens United-Will Consider Petition

Post originally appeared in Corporations Are Not People

Jeff Clements

February 17, 2012

Court Blocks Montana Campaign-Finance Ruling


Wall Street Journal

February 17, 2012

The Supreme Court on Friday blocked Montana from enforcing state restrictions on corporate political spending while it considers arguments that those restrictions, enacted in the century-old Montana Corrupt Practices Act, were nullified by the 2010 Citizens United ruling.

In Citizens United, the justices voted 5-4 to strike down federal limits on corporate and union electioneering, saying Congress failed to show that its interest in fighting political corruption justified limits on campaign advertising.

Ben & Jerry’s Launches “Get the Dough out of Politics” Campaign

Yahoo! Finance

February 13, 2012

Ice Cream Maker Unveils 2012 Social Mission Effort & Election Year Makeover for Colbert’s Pint as the New AmeriCone Dream


2012 Campaign Spending Breaking New Records as Groups Fight to Overturn Supreme Court 'Corporate Personhood' Decision

Between the Lines

February 15, 2012

Interview with Jeff Clements, author of the book, "Corporations Are Not People", conducted by Scott Harris

Click here to listen to the interview with Jeff Clements

Bullock to U.S. Supreme Court: Leave Montana spending ban intact

The Missoulian

Charles S. Johnson

February 15, 2012

HELENA - The state attorney general's office has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to leave in place Montana's century-old ban on independent campaign spending by corporations while the court decides whether to hear an appeal by the groups challenging it.

Attorney General Steve Bullock's office filed its opposition Wednesday with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who oversees cases in the federal court district that includes Montana.