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Tim Danahey Show Interviews Ron Fein On Corporate Personhood In IFA v. Seattle

On Thursday, July 30, Ron Fein joined the Tim Danahey radio show to discuss our amicus brief in the case, International Franchise Association v. Seattle. In this interview, Fein discusses the era of corporate personhood, the Fourteenth Amendment, and how the International Franchise Association is claiming access and protection by this amendment. Stream the interview after the jump. More »

The ‘A to Z’ of Money In Politics

Today, our friends Pay 2 Play launched a new campaign, Money in Politics A to Z . Over the course of a month, a new letter will be released each day that corresponds to an issue in which big money in politics directly relates to. We found a few letters that relate to our own initiatives, which we will launch later next month.
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Netroots Nation 2015: A Call To Get Money Out Of Politics & Restore The Voice Of The People

Last weekend, Free Speech For People traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for the 8th annual Netroots Nation conference, featuring a keynote from Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Democrat Presidential candidates, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and Senator Bernie Sanders, were also in attendance for a townhall style panel hosted by Antonio Vargas. More »

People v. The Coal Baron

In 2010, a disastrous coal mine explosion at the Upper Big Branch facility claimed the lives of twenty-nine miners. An independent report investigating the blast found Massey Energy directly responsible for its neglect. Massey’s parent corporation agreed to criminal and civil penalties, but such recklessness deserves harsher penalties than a fine or a slap on the wrist. More »

130 Members of Congress Deliver Letter Calling on President to Require Transparency in Political Spending

Today, members of the House and Senate sent letters to President Obama, calling for an executive order that would require federal contractors disclose their political spending. The letter comes after months of growing nationwide support from concerned citizens calling on their representatives to support this initiative. In April, our allies and partners rallied outside the White House to deliver more than half a million petition signatures calling on President Obama to issue an executive order. More »

Free Speech For People Files Amicus Brief Before U.S. Court of Appeals In Lair v. Motl

Free Speech for People has filed an amicus brief before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit supporting Montana’s request that a challenge to Montana’s campaign contribution limits for state elections be reheard before a larger group of judges. On May 26, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit overturned a previous panel’s 2003 decision upholding the limits, basing their ruling on a perceived conflict with the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. Our brief argues that the panel misread Citizens United, invented a conflict where none exists, and thus acted outside its authority by overruling the earlier panel decision. We were joined in this brief by Board Member James Nelson (a retired Justice of the Montana Supreme Court), the Montana-based American Independent Business Alliance, and the American Sustainable Business Council. More »