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John Bonifaz: The Face of Democracy 2013

Joanne Boyer

Wisdom Voices

January 1, 2013



President Obama's Team Outlines Four Corporate Donor Packages for Inauguration

Sheryl Gay Stolberg

The New York Times

December 8, 2012

Article excerpted below: 

Citizens United Rejected By Voters In Montana, Colorado

Paul Blumenthal

November 7, 2012

Excerpt from the Huffington Post

America on its way to overturning Citizens United

Versions of this Op-Ed have appeared in McClatchy newspapers including The Miami Herald, Las Vegas Sun, Louisville Courier-Journ

Free Speech For People and CREW Call for Justice Department Investigation of Group Promoting Big Money in Politics

For Immediate Release
November 1, 2012
Contact: Ryan O'Donnell (413) 335-9824

Free Speech For People and CREW
Call for Justice Department Investigation of
Group Promoting Big Money in Politics

Quest on to quiet the roar of money

Angella Carella

Connecticut Post

October 20, 2012


"So now money legally talks. It's corporations and special-interest organizations, now each legally a person, that have megaphones. In the political system their voices are loudest, and threaten to drown out the voices of actual persons.

But across the country, actual persons are fighting back."

Beautiful video of 1,000+ people spelling out "Dump Citizens United" with their bodies on Saturday

Here's a beautiful, heart-warming video of how 1,000 people got together on Saturday to spell out "Dump Citizens United" with their bodies, on a beach in San Francisco. 



We're proud to have helped make it happen.


Republican former Congressman: Citizens United = Dred Scott; corporate personhood = oligarchy

Post originally appeared on Corporations Are Not People

Jeff Clements

October 14, 2012

Movement To Overturn Citizens United Targets 2012 Ballot Measures

Derek Cressman


September 20, 2012

From America's earliest days, states have sent instructions to Congress on constitutional reforms.

As we head into the home stretch of the 2012 campaigns, from coast to coast voter frustration with negative campaign ads -- and the big money behind them -- is more than palpable.

Local protest targets business, elections

News & Record - Greensboro, North Carolina

Amanda Lehmert

September 24, 2012

Local advocates have joined a national protest against corporate influence over elections.